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A decade of driving

As this decade draws to a close I thought I’d reflect back on the motoring changes I’ve experienced. As we celebrated the new millennium I was the almost proud owner of a 1992 Ford Escort estate. With a lusty 1.4 litre engine it could barely pull the skin from a rice pudding, but it was […]  Read more »

The End

E320WOL has been paid for and has departed. Purchased by a friend of Craig Smith (not that we knew this until the end of the process!), I hope to see it again in the future.

Water Pump Changed

The new water pump has arrived. I’ve also been to BMW and got some coolant. A nice easy job. I’m pleased to report no leaks, and no air in the system. Looks shiny on the old motor too! This means that the car is now completely ready for sale. Advert now on pistonheads, here.

Diff Swap Fun

I’ve just finished a marathon job of swapping the two differentials over. It should have been an evening’s work, but it turned into about 18 man hours due to a combination of bad luck and stupidity. The initial issue was that while the bolts holding the differential onto WOL are well trained, WGU’s were properly […]  Read more »

MOT Passed!

Well, I’m delighted to report that the car passed the MOT test with only the leaking water pump as an advisory. I’ll order the part over the next day or so, and once that’s done it’ll be ready for its next owner.

Water Pump Woes

It’s been another interesting day. I was up early to prepare WOL for sale. It has an MOT test tomorrow, and so long as it passes that it’ll be fully working, with twelve months ticket and tax. Ben Smith and I got all the hifi out, and fitted neat parts like a brand new parcel […]  Read more »

The Beginning Of The End

I’m a bit sad to say that this E30 M3 Project is now coming to an end. Hot on the success of the exhaust work in Birmingham, Ben Smith and I have driven up to Harrogate to see James Byrom, and to view his E30 M3 which is up for sale. It’s a later (1990) […]  Read more »

Further Exhaust Work

The car has just been to Torqueflow in Birmingham to have the custom exhaust system quietened. Ben Smith and I arrived over three hours late as the M40 was shut in front of us due to a diesel spill, so I must extend my thanks to the guys at Torqueflow for being so patient! It […]  Read more »

Exhaust & Number Plate Updates

I’m pleased to announce that the custom exhaust fitters have got back to me and said they’ll gladly swap in a larger middle box in an attempt to quieten things down. They’ve got a really good ‘can do’ attitude, so I’m quite a bit more optimistic about that now, plus they’ll hopefully sort the leak […]  Read more »

Number plates

A delivery has just arrived! These should smarten things up a bit. I should really try and sort the body work around the number plate lights before I stick them on though. Hmm.

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