Water Pump Woes

It’s been another interesting day. I was up early to prepare WOL for sale. It has an MOT test tomorrow, and so long as it passes that it’ll be fully working, with twelve months ticket and tax.

Ben Smith and I got all the hifi out, and fitted neat parts like a brand new parcel shelf. It’s back on original number plates, orange indicators and 15″ silver wheels so is MOT ready and looks every part the modern classic that it is.

Sadly though, I’ve also noticed that it is leaking a bit of coolant, and Robin has traced it to the water pump. Typically, an E30 325i water pump is £17 from ECP, whereas these S14 water pumps are £200ish BMW dealer only parts. Bugger!

Still, needs must, but it looks okay to go in for an MOT anyway so we’ll see what happens…

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