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The e46 sport touring is gone – long live the e46 sport touring

After 12.5 years and 105,000 miles, the black car has departed. Bought in early 2006, it followed two E36 M3s and raised eyebrows at the time. A diesel? An estate car? Fast forward through countless holidays and road trips, with freeze frames of it as one of our wedding cars, using it to move house, […]  Read more »

Solar PV installation

Solar what? I’ve not got a history of being especially green, yet I’ve just done something (apparently) rather “eco”. I’ve sold the M5, and rather than replacing it I have invested those funds along with some savings into a fairly noticeable set of solar panels for the house roof. There are three good reasons to […]  Read more »

12 meals, 4 men, 3 peaks, and an M5

Last weekend saw the execution of a long standing goal of mine – to complete the National Three Peaks Challenge. As that Wikipedia article suggests, while it is usually the case that participants try to complete the challenge within 24 hours, many do make a more leisurely weekend of it, and that’s exactly what we […]  Read more »

2008 Impreza STI

My friend Tom has just been round to show me his new purchase: a 2008 Impreza STI. Typically I didn’t take a photo of the whole car, but I did take a picture of its brakes. Ok, so they’re not floating or drilled like the 330d’s, but that is a multipot caliper, so I was […]  Read more »

The Rowbarge Fire

Yesterday evening I was supposed to be attending a birthday party at the Rowbarge in St Johns. The Rowbarge holds significant memories for me as it is directly across the road from my best man Robin‘s childhood home and isn’t too far from where I now live, and has therefore been a regular venue for […]  Read more »

Californian hiking

I get up when I want, except on Saturdays when I’m rudely awakened at 5am by Robin’s sick joke of leaving the heating on overnight. I seized the opportunity to catch up with the online world, and once Jamie had left for work at 6am, I had a good shower and felt decent for the […]  Read more »

Arrival in California

Just a quick note to celebrate the first day of my visit to see Robin and Jamie. After a 10am departure from LHR-T5 on BA279 (all rather civilised) I arrived at LAX at before 1pm local time courtesy of this sky-chariot. It took over an hour to get collect baggage and clear customs, but eventually […]  Read more »

A decade of driving

As this decade draws to a close I thought I’d reflect back on the motoring changes I’ve experienced. As we celebrated the new millennium I was the almost proud owner of a 1992 Ford Escort estate. With a lusty 1.4 litre engine it could barely pull the skin from a rice pudding, but it was […]  Read more »

Lake district December 2009

A couple of days of Lake District action to catch up on. I have been amazed by the constant severity of the weather here. During previous visits I have wished for a decent attempt at winter weather, and this time we’ve got it. I’m used to snow covering the hills during winter, but here we’ve […]  Read more »

Arrival in the Lake District

Today we waved goodbye to the hound, loaded the now repaired 330d, and headed up to the Lake District. From Woking’s grey drizzle we motored through Oxford’s sunshine, got snarled up in some West Midlands traffic and landed in snowy Cumbria within 6 hours – pretty good going. Some views from the A591: I fear […]  Read more »

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