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DIY Lean To

This weekend a couple of friends helped construct a new lean-to on the side of the house. We did it entirely from scratch, with a raw materials bill of ยฃ99.87. We decided it would have 3 supports where it would attach to the wall, and have a clear PVC roof. Robin insisted we even plan […]  Read more »

Kitchen Audio

This article details my kitchen audio system which is cobbled together from a bunch of apparatus I’ve acquired over the last 20 years, none of which was intended for this purpose. The resulting sound from a mere 220W has to be heard – and felt – to be believed. Read on for a detailed missive […]  Read more »

Solar PV installation

Solar what? I’ve not got a history of being especially green, yet I’ve just done something (apparently) rather “eco”. I’ve sold the M5, and rather than replacing it I have invested those funds along with some savings into a fairly noticeable set of solar panels for the house roof. There are three good reasons to […]  Read more »

More exterior lighting

16 months ago I sorted out the exterior lighting at the back of the house, and I intended on doing the same to the front soon after. This weekend, I finally got around to it. I started at 8am on Saturday, worked until dark, restarted at 10am today, and finished at around 3pm. It was […]  Read more »

12 months of home improvement

On the 16th July we marked a year since we moved house. I had meant to blog about that at the time, but as I like to say, better late than never. Upstairs, we’ve finally finished the main bedroom; here’s a before, during, and after. I’m really pleased with the ceiling fan and downlighters – […]  Read more »

Update on home improvements

Prompted at least in part by Robin being asked to blog more, and also because I noticed that I completely failed to blog in January, and February is coming to a close, here’s a long overdue update from me on ‘stuff’. I’ll start with Di’s office, a room that doubles as my gaming room. Here’s […]  Read more »

A spot of decorating

Coincidentally, we’ve got a chap coming in to decorate the living room this week, the same week I’m largely off work to decorate one of the bedrooms. As work gets underway on both rooms, I thought I’d share a few ‘before’ photos. So, the living room: And the bedroom: Clearly all carpets, power points, light […]  Read more »

Home – new ceilings and a more civilized garage

We had our downstairs ceilings replaced this week. We were supposed to be decorating Di’s office over this bank holiday weekend, but due to a unique blend of laziness, drying plaster, and the need for aย  little more work from the plasterer (happening this coming week) we didn’t start that. I can say that I’m […]  Read more »

Di’s office – progress

So, the day we moved in, Di’s new office looked like this: Very green and gold! We’ve finally moved all her clutter in, and more importantly, backed the walls off to bare plaster, and changed the light fittings. On Friday night, the other end of that room looked like this: It’s been a busy weekend! […]  Read more »

Various home updates

It’s been a while, and I’m sorry car fans but next to naff all has occurred with the vehicles. They’ve both been regularly driven, in the usual style, but nothing to report. Well, I had a good trip in the M5 last Saturday: to Brighton to drop off Di, then to Heathrow to collect Robin […]  Read more »

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