I've a passion for BMW M cars and a few other exciting runarounds. I'm currently running a pair of diesel sport tourings.

Here's a history of my car ownership and maintenance tribulations.

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There are all sorts in here, from cars through food to gadgetry. Latest posts:

Solar technology

In August 2011 I had 16 solar photovoltaic panels fitted to my house.

Find out more about the kit installed and the results!


I cook. Sometimes it's worth eating!

Read a series of blog posts about food and recipes.

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  • Mon 22nd May 18:43 BST
    .@fedexhelpeu your van KM55UZB repeatedly parks illegally overnight opposite T-jct on a bend. Leaks oil on resident?
  • Mon 22nd May 17:46 BST
    RT @LeagueACS: DON'T FORGET - the hunting ban isn't just about #foxhunting, other animals will suffer too. #registertovote & help #keeptheb?

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