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Lighting Tweaks

I’ve just spent an hour sheltering from a thunderstorm in the workshop with the M3. While there I thought I’d check all the bulbs, and it turns out that the FNS fog lamp wasn’t working, and the OS headlamp had a crazy beam pattern. Sadly I didn’t have the camera so no photos, but the […]  Read more »

Exhaust woes

As mentioned, I had an appointment last Saturday to have a custom exhaust system fitted to the car. Sadly all has not gone smoothly, hence no report. I’m still waiting to see what the fitters suggest, so for now they’ll remain nameless, but here’s the update: Firstly, the old Scorpion system was removed. The source […]  Read more »

Another Steering Wheel

Having seen my last entry about the M-Tec 1 steering wheel, James Byrom has very kindly sent me his old M-Tec 2 steering wheel for comparison. I’m now quite a master at E30 steering wheel swaps, so here’s the lowdown. The wheel the car came with: The M-Tec 1 wheel: And the M-Tec 2 wheel: […]  Read more »

Steering Wheel

I’ve been contacted by another E30 M3 owner in Scotland, Alisdair Reid. He questioned both the authenticity, and my opinion of my car’s steering wheel, and went on to offer me his car’s old wheel. Having never been one to look a gift house in the mouth(!), I’ve gratefully accepted his offer; the wheel arrived […]  Read more »

About That Clutch…

Well, it’s fair to say I underestimated that job! First though, I fitted those bulbs, so the front indicators now flash a nice bright orange. Now, about the clutch master cylinder change. The slave cylinder was easy, but this was a bit of a pig. Yet again I failed at first to remove the drivers […]  Read more »

Little Shopping Trip

I’ve just been to ECP. One of the advisories on the MOT pass certificate from September 2006 was ‘front indicators showing white light’, and upon further inspection it seems that the orange paint has vanished from the bulbs. I’d attempted to get some replacements during a weekend visit to Halfords but I need bulbs with […]  Read more »


Nothing dramatic to mention, but here’s an update. I’ve put the interior back together as all the underseal from Wednesday’s session has now dried. I’ve had a look at the rust around the number plate lights, and am pleased to report that it’s just a bit of surface rust. I’ll attempt to source some spray […]  Read more »

Rust Busters

Today Andy Eccles kindly agreed to come and do some rust busting on the M3. Ben and I noticed some crinkly metal behind the wheel arch liners, so I armed myself with Robin’s welder and Andy and I set to work. Initially things didn’t look too bad on the driver’s side: But inevitably… So the […]  Read more »

New Wheels

I’ve bought the 16″ sport evos from Craig. Pictures here are worth a thousand words! As a reminder, with the old wheels fitted, the car looked like this: So, with an M5 supervising, we performed a quick swap: And here are the results: I’m pretty pleased! The wheels came with a set of Goodyear Eagle […]  Read more »

It’s Not An Ornament

Now just reading this diary shows that I’m keen to look after and improve this car. However, I’m also keen to show that the car is here to be used both as a motorsport machine, and as a daily driver. So I’ve just taken a load of garden waste and a manky, rusty BBQ to […]  Read more »

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