Exhaust & Number Plate Updates

I’m pleased to announce that the custom exhaust fitters have got back to me and said they’ll gladly swap in a larger middle box in an attempt to quieten things down. They’ve got a really good ‘can do’ attitude, so I’m quite a bit more optimistic about that now, plus they’ll hopefully sort the leak at the front join.

They asked me to take some more photos of the middle box on the car, so they can get an idea of how much room they’ve got to manoeuvre. So here they are for the diary:

Middle Box

Middle Box

Middle Box

Nice and shiny! I’ve also fitted those plates. I was going to use the sticky pads that came supplied – that is a good part of the point of pressed metal plates anyway – but in the end I drilled them and mounted them with screws. I did this partially because removing the screw receptors for the rear plate proved impossible(!), but also because I figure it’d be good to be able to easily swap the old plates back on for MOTs or to keep any over-keen dibble happy.

While I had the front plate off, my crap phone camera managed to produce this awesome arty shot – don’t cars look good without the front number plate!

Plate on:

And the rear:

I’m really pleased with them – I think they suit the car nicely. I’ll need to tend to covering up the screw heads at some point though. So that’s it for now, I leave you with a photo of the car doing a General Lee impression:

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