Further Exhaust Work

The car has just been to Torqueflow in Birmingham to have the custom exhaust system quietened. Ben Smith and I arrived over three hours late as the M40 was shut in front of us due to a diesel spill, so I must extend my thanks to the guys at Torqueflow for being so patient!

It took just a couple of hours to have the middle silencer replaced with one around 20% larger, and have the leak at the downpipe to middle section join removed. Again, top marks for effort and quality of build – the exhaust system really does look like a work of art!

The result is an improvement – discernibly less noise at idle and at higher rpms, but sadly still a bit boomy around 3K rpms. Still, I it looks the part, and the car feels quicker than with the old Scorpion system, so I’m pleased that the exhaust situation is no longer an issue.

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