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Martin Roboscan Pro 518s For Sale

I’m selling my Roboscans! After many years of careful ownership – really – I’m selling up my main scan rig. They’ve not seen any gigs in the last couple of years and various changes in my lifestyle mean that they are unlikely to, so here they are for sale. There are 12 in all, and […]  Read more »

What is Intelligent Lighting?

Why worry about the light show? The value of a good light show is hard to measure. Does it translate to more bar spend? Maybe. Does it mean people are likely to remember the gig for a long time to come, tell all their friends, and come again? I think so, and I believe I […]  Read more »

Getting back into sound and light

The last six months or so have seen me getting back into sound system and light show engineering. I emerged from school as a bit of a DJ with the requisite tools and a basic sound system, and while my primary profession turned out to be software engineering, I continued to grow my sound system […]  Read more »