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Retro Rides Gathering 2014

Last weekend I journeyed off with some old friends for a weekend of curry and cars. What a weekend it was! Naturally I began proceedings on Saturday morning with more than a hint of a hangover, so put in a can of beans on toast and awaited the arrival of Ste, my taxi driver for […]  Read more »

Wyedean rally 2012

Yesterday I made my annual trip to the Welsh border to see Alex and spectate at the Wyedean rally. I think this is the sixth consecutive year we’ve been, and the first time I’ve not taken a BMW. I took the Impreza, and as you can see, we had another snowy event. I must now […]  Read more »

Castle Combe Drift Day

Today Alex and I popped along to Castle Combe circuit to spectate at theirย Spring Performance Car Action Day, the highlight of which was to be two drifting sessions. I’ll start right now by saying that I wasn’t disappointed in any way – today was nothing short of awesome! There were a huge variety of cars […]  Read more »

2008 Impreza STI

My friend Tom has just been round to show me his new purchase: a 2008 Impreza STI. Typically I didn’t take a photo of the whole car, but I did take a picture of its brakes. Ok, so they’re not floating or drilled like the 330d’s, but that is a multipot caliper, so I was […]  Read more »

Wyedean Rally 2011

Yesterday marked my annual trip to the Wyedean rally. Last year I took Brenden, the year before Robin, and prior to that Diane, but this year I took Snoop… … to meet Barden… I got up at 5:20, was out the door with the dog by 6:15, and met Alex at the Shell garage in […]  Read more »

M5 spring loving

Having suffered some criticism last weekend for daring to permit my topic to stray from cars, here’s a long overdue update on the M5. It has had relatively little use over winter – a notable exception being a trip to Wales for the Wyedean rally. I actually forgot to blog about that. Fortunately, Brenden did […]  Read more »

A decade of driving

As this decade draws to a close I thought I’d reflect back on the motoring changes I’ve experienced. As we celebrated the new millennium I was the almost proud owner of a 1992 Ford Escort estate. With a lusty 1.4 litre engine it could barely pull the skin from a rice pudding, but it was […]  Read more »

Palmer motorsport day

Diane kindly bought me a PalmerSport driving day for my 30th birthday. What’s that then? I’ll let them explain: In one perfect day you will drive a selection of the world’s greatest track prepared road and racing cars, and you will be encouraged to push yourself – and our machinery – harder than you may […]  Read more »

Wyedean forest rally

I’ve had a brilliant day out yesterday with friends Robin and Alex, spectating at the Wyedean Forest Rally. We were up at the crack of dawn to get to the Welsh border at a reasonable time. It was a really thick frost – opening the car’s doors at 6am reminded me of the time machine […]  Read more »

WRC GB – Wales

Yesterday Diane & I took the tractor to South Wales to catch some views of the World Rally Championship. We got very close to the action to say the least – here are Loeb and Sordo’s cars photographed from inside the 330d! And in fact, it would appear that Diane managed to photograph five times […]  Read more »

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