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330d Oil Service

Today I performed an oil service on the 330d, and wanted to document it here for future reference. As the car does around 5,000 miles per annum I change the oil and filter annually. The car’s service counter allows 17,000 miles or something bonkers between oil changes, but I’m acutely aware of the importance of […]  Read more »

BMW Key FOB Battery Replacement and Car Association

The X5 came with two keys, both of which physically operate the locks and ignition, but only one of which communicated with the car remotely. Today I successfully managed to bring it back to life in two phases. First of all, I’ve replaced the battery. This involves cracking the key open, desolding the old battery, […]  Read more »

330d MOT Preparation

It is that most wonderful time of the year – where I know the red 330d should be prepared for its January MOT. The government’s MOT history site is very useful in this regard because it means I can easily be reminded of any MOT advisories from last year without having to dig around for […]  Read more »

The e46 sport touring is gone – long live the e46 sport touring

After 12.5 years and 105,000 miles, the black car has departed. Bought in early 2006, it followed two E36 M3s and raised eyebrows at the time. A diesel? An estate car? Fast forward through countless holidays and road trips, with freeze frames of it as one of our wedding cars, using it to move house, […]  Read more »

Winter tyres vs 4 wheel drive

This is the second winter I’ve put winter tyres on the 330d. It’s also the second winter we’ve had the Impreza. Last winter it didn’t snow properly; this year, we’ve had a proper dollop! This situation quite naturally raised the question that I’m sure was on the nation’s lips this weekend: is four wheel drive […]  Read more »

Winter tyres on the BMW e46 330d at last

Some 15 months ago I embarked on a project to have a set of winter wheels and tyres for the 330d. Naturally I didn’t get around to it for last winter, so we had lots of snow. This year however, I am ready! So this week as temperatures seem to have dropped below the magic […]  Read more »

e46 window regulator replacement

Recently I made the mistake of lowering a rear window while a window blind was stuck to it. The suction cup disappeared down into the door, so I went to raise the window, at which point it all went horribly wrong! There was a sound like breaking glass, and the window got stuck. Fortunately it […]  Read more »

BMW e46 speakers not working

For a few years now, the 330d’s rear right speaker hasn’t been working. As I sit in the front, I chose not to let that bother me. However recently, both front and rear left speakers cut in and out a few times, and then stopped working altogether. This left the front right and the sub, […]  Read more »

E46 330d comparison

I’m currently lucky enough to have an extra 330d sport touring on the driveway, as it’s half way home to its new owner. It’s a year younger than mine, which means it’s the 204hp 2,993cc unit with a 6 speed gearbox; mine’s a 184hp 2,926cc 5 speed effort. It’s finished in Imola red, which was […]  Read more »

Comparing: E46 330d to E46 318i

Last month I popped the tractor into a local independent garage to have a small PAS leak sorted. While it was there, I had a similar age 318i touring, and ignoring the obvious it made for a very interesting comparison. I’ll compare them in terms of looks, performance, ride, economy and interior, and finally discuss […]  Read more »

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