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Naan, Paratha, Roti, Chapati

What’s the difference between all these Indian breads then? I’m forever looking this up. Turns out that it’s difficult to build a consensus, so a quick search for the same query a month later might return a different answer. So I wanted to make my own guide here, with pictures to follow as I take […]  Read more »

Vegetarian Lasagne

Recently I’ve been cutting back on my meat consumption for welfare reasons – mine and the animals concerned. I’ve managed to put together some vegetarian and pescetarian alternatives that in some cases have genuinely been preferable to meat based dishes. Annoyingly I haven’t documented them. This evening I made a vegetarian lasagne which I would […]  Read more »

Notes about a fantastic chilli-con-carne

I just made a fantastic chilli-con-carne. So often I just bung food together and sometimes it turns out well, other times not so well. Then I forget what made it work. Not this time! Quantity This recipe makes enough chilli to feed about eight people sensibly, or stuff six people. I made enough rice for […]  Read more »

Steak stones

Fuelled by recent bloggery and yesterday evening’s delicious steaks, I want to tell you all about my steak stones. I was first introduced to the concept of cooking my own steak at the dining table by a visit to the Pistenklause on my first trip to the Nรผrburgring. Essentially you get served chips, sauces and […]  Read more »

Summer curry 2010

Here’s my latest curry recipe – this time a saucy chicken dish with loads of fresh veg. The portions here should comfortably be enough for four hungry people – can probably stretch to six mere mortals. To start, get a big pan, fill two-thirds with water, and add a splash of vegetable oil. Then, scoop […]  Read more »

Curry of the moment

I’ve been asked to document a curry recipe. The thing is, my curries are a bit like snowflakes: each is unique. So I’ve decided to document my curry of the ‘moment’ – I may well revise this to be month/week/day as appropriate later. This then is a recipe for a chicken and vegetable madras or […]  Read more »