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It’s been a while, and I’m sorry car fans but next to naff all has occurred with the vehicles. They’ve both been regularly driven, in the usual style, but nothing to report. Well, I had a good trip in the M5 last Saturday: to Brighton to drop off Di, then to Heathrow to collect Robin – all very civilised.

At home we’ve had a bit of progress. We’ve now got 3 of 5 bedrooms usable which is nice. We’re cracking on nicely with Diane’s office. Preparing the walls for decoration takes ages but we’re getting there. This is the final end that needs doing:


Note the lovely green walls and splendid gold light fittings. The other end of the room, bare, looks rather better!


Decorating is of course rather an undignified process!


Outside matters are a bit more pleasant. We had a breakfast of fresh English garden apples (from our tree), and fresh Californian oranges (from Robin’s garden). How often do you manage that! Completely organic, not a pesticide in sight. Here’s Diane munching some cereal under our apple tree:


Note the minging old BBQ in the background. That’s not a BBQ – THIS is a BBQ!


I’ll be off out to get some gas for that later. On other matters, Robin has constructed this rather fine spice rack for our kitchen. The final job is to varnish it, but exquisite work from the Willis as usual, finely crafting this Californian Red Oak for our English kitchen.


Finally, I got Diane a new lens for her camera for her birthday that makes her look like rather a pro!



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  1. Brenden on August 8th, 2009 21:54

    Love the new BBQ and of course the new camera lens – So jealous!

    The place is looking good guys, you’ll have all the work done before I even get back :)


  2. Neil Mukerji on August 9th, 2009 21:22

    Ah, I can assure you there’ll be loads to do even when you get back. I’ll book you two a room for Chrimbo!

    Check out the progress in the new blog post…

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