Lighting Tweaks

I’ve just spent an hour sheltering from a thunderstorm in the workshop with the M3. While there I thought I’d check all the bulbs, and it turns out that the FNS fog lamp wasn’t working, and the OS headlamp had a crazy beam pattern.

Sadly I didn’t have the camera so no photos, but the fog lamp turned out to be a duff connection which I guess we aggravated when the bumper came off for bodywork repairs, and the headlamp pattern was due to the bulb being incorrectly seated.

It’s really satisfying to be able to sort problems such as these quickly and easily; true merit to a well designed old car. I only wish I could sort the exhaust as easily!

Thunderstorm over I thought I’d go out for a play on the now wet roads. The amount of grip afforded by these 16s in the wet is almost disappointingly good, and combined with my fear of waking the dead with exhaust noise means that traction is nearly always constant.

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