What is Intelligent Lighting?

Why worry about the light show?

The value of a good light show is hard to measure. Does it translate to more bar spend? Maybe. Does it mean people are likely to remember the gig for a long time to come, tell all their friends, and come again? I think so, and I believe I know how to do it.

Dub Optic NYE 2012 lights onTo pick an extreme, remember how you feel when the house lights come on at the end of a gig. It shatters your state of mind, reveals all blemishes on faces and décor alike, and is a pretty blunt instrument designed to make you naff off home.

Only the very best gigs can maintain a party with the house lights on. Dub Optic managed it on New Year’s Eve 2012, but it’s a tough stunt to pull, and therefore very rare.

In the middle of the spectrum, it’s dark enough to hide the grottier aspects of the evening, and there are some flashing colours of light. Maybe the colours change, or the beams move, with the beat of the music. That’s a bit more like it. To many people’s minds, that’ll do, but I don’t think it will.

That’s certainly not how it works at high quality productions, is it? Whether your benchmark is Lady Gaga, The Prodigy, Fabric, Metallica or Hospitality. You’ll find their productions to be visually stunning and stimulating from start to finish. How do they manage that?

laser and 'zap

Intelligent Lighting – the make-up of a high quality production

Co-ordination. Understanding of the music and the emotion it stimulates. The ability to translate this into a cohesive display of light and colour that’ll really enhance everyone’s experience at your event. A fantastic blend of technology and passion. The technology arrives in the form of automated lighting – lights that can be computer controlled to work together. The passion comes from the lighting engineering.

Some consider the technology alone to be Intelligent Lighting, but it isn’t, it’s just automated lighting. It can be programmed to move and change colour to produce a cohesive light show. The lighting engineer provides the passion and the talent to control the technology.

The result of all this is Intelligent Lighting.

Intelligent Lighting transforms a venue, inspires the acts, and unites a crowd. It’s essential for a party that blows everyone’s mind, that’s talked about for ages, and has punters queuing up for more next time.

So if you’re planning a party or event at any venue, from pubs to clubs, halls to fields, let’s talk about getting Intelligent Lighting working for you.

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