Sound system hire


I’m a sound engineer. Principally, I work for RC1 Sound. They provide massive sound systems for big name DJs and promoters. If you’ve got a party of 400 (or 4,000!), contact RC1. It is the system to hire.

On the other hand you might want a smaller sound system that’s still high quality and professionally engineered, in which case you’re in luck. You can hire a sound system that I’ll install, engineer and remove. It’ll sound fantastic, and your party will go perfectly! Unless the drink is too expensive of course. That never goes down well.

What brings you here?

  • You’re a DJ. You need a quality sound system when you play gigs.
  • You’re putting on a party. You don’t want a naff DJ. You want to plug your iPod / MP3 player / Spotify list / whatever into a decent sound system and get on with having a good time.
  • You’re in a band. You’ve got all your standard gig gear but you need a decent front of house system and an engineer.

I’m not a DJ – this is purely a sound system for hire

I can DJ. It has been known. That’s not what this is all about though. That said, if you’re into cheesy retro house mixed with a nasty lack of accuracy, maybe we should talk about that for a bit.

Anyway, the point is that if you already have the music and you just want to plug in a sound system and crack on, we are probably going to get along very well indeed.

What sort of sound system is it?

That will of course depend on the event. I can say that I only use Crest Audio amplifers and it’ll be bi-amped or tri-amped depending on the size. It’ll sound effortless and hi-fi quality. With lots of bass. No one likes a weedy system. If you’re a DJ I’ll provide DJ monitors. I can provide microphones and MC monitors too if required.

Can you provide DJ tools?

Yes. I’ve got Technics SL1210 MkIIIs, Pioneer DJMs and CDJs etc. They’ll want looking after though!

How much will it cost?

At least £100. Maybe three times that. It depends on a number of things. Like stairs. Please don’t make me carry my kit up stairs.

This is a professional set-up. I’m insured, paying tax, providing top-line, well maintained and tested gear. All this comes at a price, but I’m sure you know it’s worth it. So get in touch and we’ll talk. :)

Get in touch for a quote

You can either email me at or call me on 07958 608477. I’m based in Surrey but I’m usually seen in London, around the Home Counties, or down on the south coast.

I don’t mind a bit of a drive, I love a good party, I like staying up until dawn, and I’m into all kinds of music. Well nearly all kinds. I’ll probably draw the line at Lutrica McNeal. That “Stranded” song was awful.