Small speaker system for sale

Continuing my general clear-out, it’s time to sell my last speakers. I used to run a sound system, and what’s for sale now was the “small” rig, or as a DJ monitor rig at larger events. It’s a bit home-brew, so I’m not expecting to get much for it, but the components are high quality and it sounds good.


The bass units

The bass units are 12″ ATC drivers that were originally specified for Hill Audio M4s. The boxes have good casters, sturdy grilles, wooden skids and can be stacked as shown above to make a neat little bass reinforcement unit. The drivers are 12Ω and wired in parallel, making each cabinet 6Ω.

They have two 4 pole Speakon connectors on recessed back plates, and the drivers are wired between the A terminals. The B terminals on both connectors are looped together. I usually drive these boxes either with one channel of a Crest Audio (CA) CA9 per box, or in parallel combined onto a single CA12 channel.


The mid-top units

The mid-top units can be pole mounted as shown above. They comprise of a Motorola Piezo and a Beyma 10″ G-200 on a passive cross over. The Beyma is an astonishingly accomplished driver, which means these little tops can be used as full range cabinets. These mid-top units present an 8Ω load.

These mid-tops also have two 4 pole Speakon connectors on recessed back plates, and the drivers are wired to the B terminals. I usually drive these boxes with a CA6.

How powerful is it

Well, technically I suppose the tops are 200W RMS each and the bins about 600W each. A CA6 on the tops can deliver 400W to each top, and a CA9 around 800W to each bin. You could probably call it a 2K system if you wanted to think about it like that.

What’s it like to use?

The rig is fairly manageable – I can pick up and stack or load the bass units by myself. It’ll all fit inside an estate car. The casters on the bins make it all easy enough to trundle around.

How much do you want?

It’s very hard to value these things. £450?

Where is it?

At my house in Woking, Surrey.

Are you selling amps / signal processing too?

I’ll probably look to sell some amps and signal processing once the speakers are sold, but shifting the speakers is my priority as I want the space.

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