M3 -> back on the road!

(this article concludes a series of five, starting here)

I turned up after work today to find that Robin and Ben had basically finished the job – fortunately Robin took some snaps along the way. We left it on New Year’s Eve looking like this:


So the front of the car was rebuilt:




New exhaust brackets underneath:


Coolant was added by our proud sponsors:


There is some BMW coolant in there too, and the container was clean, I promise! Due to our disconnecting the steering rack we had to re-centre the wheel:


It was then time for the car’s first “warm run” – and we’re pleased to report that it passed with flying colours. All that was left to do this evening was to clean up the work shop and admire the vehicle.



Tomorrow we’ll need to get it booked in for an MOT. Stay tuned though – our Christmas break antics may not be over yet – if we can find something useful to do this weekend we sure will!

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