Farewell M5

So today I delivered the M5 to its new owner. It was ultimately a pleasant sale, and in fact despite advertising on both Pistonheads and Auto Trader, the first car I’ve ever sold through Facebook – to a friend’s dad.

Looking back over the near three years of ownership, I have thoroughly enjoyed this car. I’ve spent less time with it recently, but at first there was a flurry of activity including a trip to Curborough, and a DIY clutch change; my favourite photos from those to follow:

I had dearly wanted to take this car to the Nurburgring. I imagine the M5 would intensely contrast with the E30 M3; I’d love to see how the extra weight hurt in the tighter corners, while I’m sure 400bhp and 500Nm would help immensely at times, especially up Ex-Mϋhle. More recently there was the epic three peaks weekend:

As is common, this car leaves me in far better condition than it arrived, and yet worth a lot less. That’s motoring for you. Even so, I think I’ve owned this car at exactly the right time. Any younger, and I would either have crashed it or just been arrested, any older and I wouldn’t have been likely to really use it to its potential.

So, what’s next? As soon as I put it up for sale I was asked that question a lot. The answer is… nothing just yet. Yes, that is partially because I’ve got a baby on the way and that changes priorities, but the main reason is that I’m frankly tired of trying to use Britain’s roads. Barely anyone else can, and having a decent car is really, really frustrating! So for now at least, I’ll just chug around in the tractor.

Anyway, let’s not let such depression detract from such a great car. Here it is, the most ridiculous car I’ve ever owned. Hurrah!

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