Diane and I took the M5 to Exeter yesterday to visit some friends. This afternoon, I decided to nip across to Dartmoor so I could photograph the M5 in a favourite spot. ‘Dup’ in 2005.

Wol in 2007.

Sadly I can’t find the photo of ‘rul’ there, but here’s the M5 surveying Dartmoor as its predecessors have over the years:oom

The car of course behaved like an absolute monster, roaring its way across Dartmoor. It was a fantastic day – sun shining, not too much traffic,ultimate super saloon performance and a V8 soundtrack to die for. So we charged around the area stopping for the odd photo.



At one point the M5 instructed me to check its brake lights, and lo and behold, one needed replacing. A quick trip to Newton Abbot’s Halfords saw that sorted.

m5 at halfords

Overall the trip was an absolute pleasure in the M5 – managed it all on just the one fuel tank too!


Awesome car. :)

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